Ah, Excel… 2007?

I finally felt like I was able to figure out Excel 2003.  I knew all the keyboard short-cut commands without even needing to look at the keyboard, was proud of my ability to convey data in fancy graphical representations, and was getting very comfortable with building Visual Basic macros.  Yes, with regards to Excel 2003- I felt absolutely dangerous.

Now its all different.  Here on my desktop is the brand-spanking new Microsoft Excel 2007 (right, it is not that new anymore considering it is already 2008).  Gone now are the familiar menus I once knew and replaced with a seemingly more complex simpler ribbon system.  It feels new to me, and I seem to work really really slow.  That makes me scared.  Very scared.  My goal is to become proficient and speedy with the newer Excel 2007.  In the process, I hope my learning becomes yours as well.

It is important to note that Excel 2007 has a NEW format unrecognizable by Excel 2003.  Does this mean that Excel 2003 users should completely avoid my posts?  Nope!  Since not all of my concepts will focus on the newer excel, the 2003 “.xls” will be available.  I will be sure to make this distinction!

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    Welcome, Ron! Let’s rock this blog!

    If I continue at my current pace with two entries a week, I’d run out of things to say before anybody’s school starts again 😉

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